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REVIEW 'The Outlaw Varjak Paw' by SF Said

'The Outlaw Varjak Paw' by SF Said (Varjak Paw #2)

Goodreads Synopsis:

Having saved the city cats from a fate worse than death, Varjak Paw finds himself the elected and popular leader of a new gang - a gang that supports freedom and kindness for all. But will the pressure take its toll on this brave yet sometimes naive cat?

Soon the city erupts in an all-out gang war as the evil Sally Bones attempts to control the lives of all cats. Horrified and outnumbered, Varjak and the others must fight for their freedom or die trying; can Jalal's Way really be the best way?

This is another thrilling adventure, eagerly awaited by all Varjak fans, both young and old.


Hello Elementareaders!

'The Outlaw Varjak Paw' by SF Said is a middle-grade action/adventure set in the world of city cats. This is actually the second book in the Varjak Paw series (which I didn't realise until I was part way through!) but it can be read as a standalone.

Varjak Paw is a silver-blue cat with amber eyes living in the city with his friends Holly, Tam and a dog Cludge. It is winter and there are very few mice around so the gang are hunting for scraps of food in the city dump when they are found by a patrol from Sally Bones's gang. Sally Bones, a thin white cat with an ice-blue eye controls the largest and most menacing gang in the city. Her 'laws' make it almost impossible for the other cats to find food. Sally is in charge because she knows a special way of fighting and is unbeatable.

Varjak also knows this way of fighting. He calls it 'The Way' and was taught it in his dreams by his ancestor Jalal. A member of Sally Bones's gang, Razor, tries to take the mouse that Varjak has caught outside the dump and Varjak gets angry and uses The Way to beat Razor in a fight. Suddenly, the whole city is talking about this new cat who fights like Sally Bones, and she has put a price on the head of him and his friends. Can the outlaw Varjak Paw defeat Sally Bones and free the city from her rule?

I thought this was a great little adventure story for both children and adults alike. Partway through the book Varjak thinks that he has lost his power to fight but his friends still believe in him and he gets it back, which I think is a great message for kids about confidence and believing in yourself.

The book is wonderfully illustrated by Dave McKean. The illustrations really bring the fight sequences to life and I loved how in Varjak's dream chapters there was the blue and white background of the mountains of Mesopotamia.

I would recommend this book to both children and adults looking for a quick fun read. I enjoyed it so much that I have now bought the first book, and am looking forward to reading it!

I would give this book 4 stars :)

Let me know in the comments of you've read this book and what you thought of it!

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