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REVIEW 'The Name of This Book is Secret' by Pseudonymous Bosch

'The Name of This Book is Secret' by Pseudonymous Bosch

Goodreads Synopsis:


...For amongst its strange and alarming contents you will find:

two extraordinary adventures...
a missing magician's diary...
a symphony of smells...
and a deadly secret

But wait, you already know too much! It is too late. I'm afraid nothing will stop you now. Open the book if you must.
But, please, tell no one."


Hi Elementareaders!

‘The Name of this Books is Secret’ by Pseudonymous Bosch is a middle-grade mystery/adventure story about two eleven-year-olds who stumble across a secret that will change their lives.

Cassandra is a survivalist. She always carries a backpack crammed full of things that will be useful if a disaster occurs (torch, compass, rope, space blanket etc…). Her grandfathers, Wayne and Larry, own a junk shop in an old firehouse and one day whilst Cass is there an estate agent named Gloria brings them a box of things from the house of a magician who recently died in a fire. Among the bric-a-brac they find a box containing ninety-nine crystal vials each containing a different scent. The inscription on the box reads ‘The Symphony of Smells’.

Max-Ernest is an aspiring comedian, and the type of boy who doesn’t know when to stop talking. Because of his terrible jokes and his inability to stay quiet he doesn’t have any friends. Whilst trying out his latest joke on Cass, he examines the Symphony of Smells and discovers that it has a secret compartment. In the compartment is a riddle, which spells out ‘HELP’. Convinced that this is a message from the magician who is still alive, they quickly become friends and collaborators, and try to find out what the message means and how to help him.

But it isn’t all plain sailing for Cass and Max-Ernest. They face numerous perils along their journey and discover a dreadful secret group named the Midnight Sun who are experimenting with some truly awful age-reducing remedies…

This was such a fun read! The first couple of chapters are the author telling you not to read this book as it contains secrets that are dangerous. Obviously that just wants to make you read on. Once it got into the story the book was so fast-paced and really easy to read. The authors writing style reminded me a little of Lemony Snicket. He described everything as if it really happened and he was just telling the story, which I think is a really fun way to write a fiction book.

I think this would be a fantastic book for both children and adults. It’s easy enough for an eleven-year-old to read, but the plot and characters are so fantastic that adults would really enjoy it too. I’m looking forward to reading the next books in this series!

I would give this book 5 stars :)

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