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REVIEW 'Penetrated on Ponetown' & 'Boned on Bluecreek' by Moxie Darling

'Penetrated on Ponetown' by Moxie Darling

Goodreads Synopsis:

"On a mission to bring the love of literacy to impoverished rural children, Clover Willoughby finds herself stranded on a dry, dusty West Virginia back road. Out of gas, out of service, and out of patience, she starts walking. When she stumbles across a quaint cabin in the woods, she's relieved at her good fortune. Her relief turns to trepidation—and anticipation—when the rough, crude mountain man living there offers to assist her . . . for a price. And he's not interested in money.

(Disclaimer: this novella is for adults only. It contains explicit sex scenes, rough sex, ménage situations, sex with strangers, and taboo elements that some might find offensive.)"

'Boned on Bluecreek' by Moxie Darling

Goodreads Synopsis:

"When Willow Spencer receives an intriguing letter from her best friend, she heads to West Virginia with only a suitcase and a lust for adventure. Agreeing to live with a man you’ve never met and be nanny to his three children is a little dangerous and a lot of crazy. In other words? Just what she needs. A wild child at heart, Willow leaves life as she knows it behind without a backwards glance. But when she arrives at the rundown trailer deep in backwoods territory and meets the rough, practically mute mountain man who seems immune to her flirtatious charm, she begins to doubt her decision and her sanity. 

(Disclaimer: this novella is for adults only. It contains explicit sex scenes, rough sex, sex with strangers, and sexual situations some might find offensive.)"



Hi Elementareaders!

‘Penetrated on Ponetown’ and ‘Boned on Bluecreek’ are two erotic novellas by Moxie Darling. I don’t usually read anything in this genre, but Moxie was kind enough to send me e-copies of her novellas to read and review.

‘Penetrated on Ponetown’ begins with Clover Willoughby, a girl in her twenties, travelling on the back roads of West Virginia trying to find the Barlow’s house to teach Mr Barlow’s three young children to read as part of her library’s Rural Literacy Outreach program. But Clover soon finds herself out of gas in the middle of nowhere. She sets out on foot to try and find some signs of civilisation, and after a mile and a half she comes across a long, winding driveway which leads to a small cabin. Unfortunately the men who live there, Jim and his son Eustace, don’t have any electricity, so no phone for her to call for help, but do have gas for her car. They aren’t interested in conventional payment, however. They want Clover. Jim especially wants her for his son, who has never been with a woman. Clover, being from a hippie commune, in unabashed by sex and agrees to stay with them for a week, pleasuring both men. But she begins to develop feelings for the young, awkward Eustace and isn’t sure she’ll want to leave once the week is up…

‘Boned on Bluecreek’ takes place a little while after. Clover’s friend, Willow Spencer, is driving to her new workplace where she is to be nanny to the widowed Teddy Barlow’s three children. Upon arriving she sees that the Barlow’s house is little more than an old trailer in a state of disrepair. Teddy, a mechanic, isn’t Willow’s usual type but when she meets him she is very taken with his rough exterior and intimidating personality. Willow decides to make it her mission to help Teddy get over his late wife by offering her body to him. Teddy is rather reluctant however, but the more time she spends with him, Willow whittles him down and gets to know the man underneath the cold exterior.

As I mentioned before, I don’t normally read this genre so I didn’t really know that to expect (other than the obvious!) I have to say though that I really enjoyed both stories!

These novellas very well written and I found myself well and truly wrapped up in the stories of these two young girls. Clover and Willow were very interesting characters, both coming from a hippie commune they were very free with their bodies, but what I found most interesting was how they came to really care for the men and even fall in love.

Both books were very good, quick reads for adults and I would recommend to anyone looking for a fun summer read. Thank you Moxie!

I would give both books 4 stars :)

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