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REVIEW 'Demon Bound' by David Parkland

'Demon Bound' by David Parkland

Goodreads Synopsis:

""Ladies and Gentlemen, we are Marris and Wade, purveyors of the impossible! We have delights to bedazzle you, wonders to inspire you and terrors to haunt your bladders! For just a few coins, let us transport you away from your sleepy lives to the furthest edges of the world." 
“Roll up, Ladies and Gentlemen! Forget the daily drudgery, suspend your disbelief and let your imagination run riot!” 

They came home from the war with only the clothes on their backs and the echoes of cannon in their ears. Marris, the quiet one, had lied about his age to join Wellington’s Army. Wade had cheated and gambled his way out from the gutters of London to secure his place as the Regiment’s lucky talisman, so blessed by good fortune that grown men would fall over themselves to touch his golden hair before stepping into battle. 
Wade never lost a bet. Everyone knew it, even General Wellington. The Lucky Drummer was touched by magic. 
But magic in the fog of the battlefield and magic in sleepy Yorkshire hamlets are very different things. Words have a terrible power, and people are fragile. It isn’t easy being a charlatan when every word you say comes true. 

Demon Bound (Marris and Wade book 1) is a vibrant Gothic fantasy of demons in petticoats, big dance numbers, silver-tongued rascals in top hats, love, loyalty and lies."


Hi Elementareaders!

‘Demon Bound’ by David Parkland is a fantasy novel set in the 1800’s and is jam packed full of demons, magic and time travel. I was lucky enough to receive a signed copy of this book to review via Goodreads Giveaways.

Marris and Wade are two best friends who met as drummers during the war and now live a comfortable life as carters for a warehouse in Yorkshire. But at the beginning of the book the warehouse burns down and they are suddenly left jobless. Marris wants to find another job in the village but Wade is much more ambitious and creates a sign declaring them as “Marris and Wade, Est 1818, Purveyors of the Impossible”. His plan is to travel around exchanging fanciful stories for money to make their fortune.

But things go terribly wrong when their stories start coming true and people get hurt. And who is this mysterious Orville Long who keeps turning up to investigate after they’ve moved on?

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this book when I started reading it but right from page one I was completely hooked. The writing style is so fantastic and so easy to read that I kept wanting to carry on and ended up reading the whole book very quickly!

I love Marris and Wade as characters. Wade is convinced that his words carry power but instead of being careful with them he uses them to try and help people, usually with disastrous consequences. After one tragedy too many he goes a bit off the rails, and Marris (the clear-headed, kinder one) is there to pull him back. Orville Long is also a brilliant character. He’s very mysterious and I’d have loved to have found out a bit more about where he came from and how he came into his trade.

I think the book I read wasn’t quite the finished version, and what I read was so fantastic that I can only imagine the finished edition is even more so. I would definitely like to read more of David’s work in the future!

I would give this book 5 stars :)

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