Monday, 2 February 2015

Book Haul - January 2015

Hi Elementareaders!

I thought I'd share with you some of the books I bought last month. These are the ones I bought later in the month as I'd already put away some before I thought to photograph them. Most of these were bought second-hand from charity shops. I buy most of my books pre-owned as they're so much cheaper and I don't mind having a used copy, plus it's great to support the charities! On with the books...
These books were all 99p from a local charity shop.
'Tersias' by G. P. Taylor - I've got a couple of other books by this author (still on my TBR bookcase) but I thought this one sounded interesting so I picked it up. To be honest, if I see the word 'magician' on the blurb I'm going to buy it :)
'Spellwright' by Blake Charlton - I hadn't heard of this series or author but this book looked good. Again, it's a fantasy about wizards so what's not to love?!
'Spellbound' by Blake Charlton - The shop also had part two of the series so I nabbed that too :)
'Gone Girl' by Gillian Flynn - I somehow missed this book when there was all the hype about it. Very much looking forward to reading this one!
These books were all £1.49 from a local charity shop.
'The Dark Heroine, Dinner with a Vampire' by Abigail Gibbs - I haven't read much paranormal romance but it's a genre I'm looking to get into. The cover of this book drew me in.
'Ill Wind' by Rachel Caine - I've had book two from this series sitting on my shelf for years and I'm so happy that I finally found book one! Not sure when I'll get round to reading these though as it's a very long series.
'Chill Factor' by Rachel Caine - I also found number three in this series in the same shop.
'Windfall' by Rachel Caine - And number four!
These books were all £1.49 from a local charity shop.
'Boy's Don't Cry' by Malorie Blackman - I found this one on the kids shelf (it's always worth a look there!). I own a few book by Malorie but haven't found the time to read them yet. This one sounds really good though :)
'The Ocean at the End of the Lane' by Neil Gaiman - Again, I haven't read anything my Neil Gaiman yet but I've heard great things about him and this book sounded good.
'Blood Alone  Volume 2' by Masayuki Takano - I didn't actually realise this was volume 2 until I got home as I was so blown away by the amazing artwork in this book. I adore graphic novels and this one looks like it'll be pretty good.
'Eerie Queerie Volume 1' by Shuri Shiozu - I've been wanting to get into manga and this book looked really fun :)
These books were all purchased from 'The Works' brand new for a whopping 25p each! I do love the crazy sales they have there :)
'Oz: The Complete Collection Volume 4' by L. Frank Baum - I was a little disappointed that I couldn't find volumes 1-3 but I love The Wizard of Oz so I'm super looking forward to reading this!
'Oz: The Complete Collection Volume 5' by L. Frank Baum - Also found volume 5.
'Shakespeare's Counselor' by Charlaine Harris - I thought this looked interesting, and you can't go wrong for 25p!
'Inferno' by Dante - I've been wanting this for ages and I'm so glad I found it in such a gorgeous edition :)

So there we go, that's what I bought in the month of January. Let me know in the comments if you're read any of these and what you think of them!

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